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Changes to waste stream


One of the issues that is emerging for the industry is the fecal coliforms and E. coli  content of the waste stream.  One advantage of processing is the elimination of these and other aerobic bacteria.  This is a major concern in terms of run-off after spreading, and the potential for lagoon flooding.  While you may not be affected by any legislation in this area, it has become a political issue in many areas in North America. Legislative action is likely to force improvements in the quality of run-off water. 


This system improves the nitrogen and phosphorous fixation, which results in improved fertilizer values.  It also reduces the toxicity of the waste stream and provides for an easy opportunity for further improvements in the quality of water.  Solids separation combined with easy and inexpensive treatments systems will bring the wastewater to a point where it could be readily discharged in most jurisdictions.


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